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ISFI in Glance


By : Putri Silaturahmi, Master Student of Human Sciences in Sociology and Antropology, IIUM

Based on the Development of Islamic Thought, Malaysia can still be considered as a good destination for those who wants to learn Contemporary Islamic Thought. Here in Malaysia, there’s two wings of Islamic thought which are lead by Al-Attas and Al-Faruqi. Both of them includes Islamisation of knowledge in their work. However, the way they elaborate the method of Islamisation need to be modify due to layman who are still not familiar with what it is meant by Islamisation.

According to the explanation above, many Indonesian scholars who’s studying in International Islamic University Malaysia have decided to elaborate more of their thoughts. They love to discuss with Al-Attas in his home. After the continuity of the discussion, the Scholars decided to establish Islamic Studies Forum For Indonesia (ISFI).

Moreover, the development of Islamic thought in Indonesia is dominant around South East Asia. For instance, Indonesian have M. Natsir, one of the Muslim leaders that initiated Islamisation in all aspects for seven years before the discourses of Islamisation if knowledge in Mecca in 1977 (The First World Conference on Muslim Education). We also have Nurcholish Madjid, the Youth Muslim leader  to advocate “renewal” and “rethinking” of Islamic thought. Though nowadays many people judge him as the father of Muslim liberalist but his contributions​ to develop Islamic thought in Indonesia is quite significant.

The background shown that Indonesian Muslim Intellectual is very dynamic in the development of Islamic thought. Many Indonesian students from Kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences believe that our discipline plays significant role for developing Quranic society in Indonesia.
Alhamdulillah, in March 13, 2017 ISFI was  reborn and now open for recruitment for those who are interested to join us! Hold our hand, let’s contribute for better Islamic civilisation!

ISFI, menyemai pemikir dan pemimpin bangsa.. Hari ini kita adalah keluarga esok kita torehkan sejarah!



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